Its a quick and easy mini pizza recipe. You can easily made and store at home. It has a very reasonable price especially for teenagers who live away from their homes, they can easily made and cook in just some minutes and enjoy this tasty meal.

It contains cocktail rye bread which is easily available at any store or market. You can easily buy and made a mini pizza for you and also for your friends. Its a great and quick meal to cook at home. You can made this mini pizza for some party events and also at some celebrations.

Some time you feel very hungry but you have not much money, Then you can easily made this easy mini pizza recipe at home and also you can store it in refrigerator and bake when you want to eat.

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Easy Mini Pizza Recipe

Its a mini pizza recipe made from beef,sausage and cocktail rye bread. These can be frozen and then placed in the freezer bags until ready to bake.

Course fastfood
Cuisine American, Italian
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 18 minutes
Total Time 32 minutes
Servings 4 people
Calories 280 kcal


  • 33 ounces cocktail rye bread
  • 10 ounces American cheese cubed
  • 1 piece onion chopped
  • 1 pound fresh ground pork sausage (pork or goat)
  • 1 pound Beef or mutton ground


  1. First of all you have to preheat the oven up to 175 degree C (375 degree F).

  2. Put the brown ground beef or mutton in a large skillet.

  3. Mix the beef mixture and onion into the sausage, and salute it until the tender. Drain grease out of the skillet. Stir the processed cheese food into mixture. Continue cooking until the cheese melts. 

  4. Arrange the slices of bread on a cookie sheet, place the mixture onto each slice of the bread.

  5. Bake up to 14-17 minutes

Recipe Notes

Must carefully place heaping spoonfuls of the mixture onto each slice of the bread.